Are You Working In The Wrong Job

Are You Working In The Wrong Job

I read an article recently claiming new research shows 1 in 5 people are not suited to working in their current job. If this research is correct, two million Australians are in the wrong job, and should be looking for something else. Turns out that there might be more to Monday-itis than enjoying a long weekend….

The unfortunate reality is that many people find themselves in jobs for the wrong reasons. Too often the person who on paper can “do the job” is hired over the person who may not tick all the boxes. What the latter can have over the former though is huge passion and a willingness to learn. These qualities are more powerful however, and of far greater value to the employer, as they typically also bring drive and enthusiasm.

Being physically able to do a job may not mean you want to do that job all day, very day. Poor morale will cripple a workplace, negatively impacting relationships, personal drive and productivity. We generally work best in a stimulating and interesting environment. The challenges we face provide the opportunity to grow, and to make a positive contribution. What that looks like of course will be different for each one of us.

If you regularly struggle with Monday mornings, and Friday afternoon can’t come fast enough, maybe you are in the wrong job. Maybe you are one of those two million people who should be getting ready to make a change. Even doing the same work for a different employer in the short term can be enough to keep things interesting. You never know however when a better opportunity will come along.

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