Dealing With Disappointment

How long has it been since you had to deal with disappointment? Unfortunately it is a part of life, and some seem to have more than their fair share to deal with. It can come in many forms, in any area of our life, including our education, employment, business, relationships, or on the stage or sporting field.

I remember back to when my son was playing junior rugby league. There were some teams in his division who were beaten week in and week out, and not just by a few points. They were rarely competitive, and were outplayed almost every game. To be very blunt, they got flogged…. week after week! Yet I always admired them, and the coach who kept them inspired. These boys knew about disappointment, because week after week they were reminded that the other teams played better than them. I reckon it takes real guts to keep turning up, knowing that even if you play your best and improve your game, you’ll probably still walk away with the experience of disappointment, yet again.

So why were these kids winners, despite appearing to be losers? Because they didn’t let external indicators define them. Their coaches obviously had an incredible ability to help these boys to look past the final score-line to learn some important life lessons, such as courage in the face of adversity, resilience, strength of character, and never giving up.

Not sure if you’ve heard the phrase “lawnmower” parents? Maybe you’ve heard of helicopter parents, but lawnmower parents go the next step. Instead of just hovering around, they actually go ahead of their kids to clear away any obstacles, making sure the pathway ahead is clear and unhindered. Unfortunately these kids never learn to deal with disappointment, and don’t know how to deal with it when it inevitably appears at their door.  

Overcoming disappointment takes courage, but as we do choose to rise to its challenge, we become a stronger and more compassionate person. We have an opportunity to re-assess what is important, review and adjust timelines and to set new goals. Without the struggle of breaking open the cocoon which encases and protects it, the chrysalis will never achieve its inbuilt ability and destiny to fly. Be encouraged today to never give up…

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