Do You Need To Turn Off The GPS?

Have you ever been out driving and come to a fork in the road? Either on a whim, or after careful consideration you’ve decided to take the side road that ultimately leads to the same destination, just by a different route? Even though the road might be narrower and windier than the road that is familiar and comfortable, it will still take you to where you want to go and maybe, just maybe surprise you with unexpected opportunities along the way.

I recall driving on roads where each bend I drove around revealed breathtaking coastal and mountain views that brought a new appreciation for the beauty of our world. Side roads often lead to more side roads, which can then take us to totally unexpected places, and leave us with a whole new experience and perspective on life.

Have you ever noticed that the GPS in your car rarely takes you anywhere near the side roads? It takes you from Point A to Point B via the route considered by conventional wisdom to be the quickest and the best, even though there is rarely anything interesting to look at, and there is no scope for any variation.

As I pulled up at an intersection a few years ago, the GPS in the car I was driving was telling me to go left when the road sign said to go right. I turned right because I knew that was the right way to go, but for the rest of the trip the GPS was telling me to turn around and go back. Even when I arrived at my destination the crazy thing was still recalculating the route to take me to my destination, even though I was already there! In the end I just turned the darned thing off.

When it comes to getting a job or choosing a career, conventional wisdom says you should do this and you shouldn’t do that. Could it be that to do so is like listening to my crazy GPS? Many opportunities can be found in obscure places, but that doesn’t make them any less of an opportunity. To see a change in your situation, maybe you need to turn off the GPS…