Does Your Job Fill Your Cup Or Drain You Dry

Does Your Job Fill Your Cup Or Drain You Dry

How was your day at work today? At the end of the day, does your cup feel full because of all that you’ve contributed and achieved? Or do you feel flat and discouraged because your work is meaningless, and helps no one? The reality is that there are lots of benefits of working in a job that you enjoy.

Is your job something that you endure every day, because that’s what you feel you have to do, to earn the money needed to live in a nice house, drive a nice car and have expensive fun on the weekends? Or is your work something that you actually enjoy doing? Is it a place where you’re helping others, and you can make a contribution and a difference in their lives?

The family you’re raised in has some bearing on how you will see work, and your approach to it. We only ever know about what we’ve been exposed to and experienced, and many people don’t realize that work is something you can enjoy. I’ve spoken to a clients who when you dig a little deeper actually hate their jobs, but they think that’s normal. They put up with it because of the benefits that come when they’re not at work. But yet they feel trapped, and they are miserable. It affects people around them also.

So does your current job fill your cup, so that you come home feeling satisfied at the end of the day? Or does it drain you dry, leaving you physically and mentally exhausted and discouraged? Followed by the very real struggle to get up the next morning knowing you have to face it all over again….. 

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