EHT Frequently Asked Questions

EHT Brain Formula Dietary Supplement helps to support memory and cognitive functions while also supporting a healthy energy metabolism and immune system function. It is not a cure for any condition, and makes no medical claims. See below for the answers to our frequently asked questions.

Please note that EHT® makes no medical claims, and is not a cure for any diagnosed condition. It may however provide relief for symptoms. Please seek medical advice if unsure if this product is suitable to be taken.

What Is EHT Extract?

EHT is a naturally occurring, proprietary extract found in coffee. It is one of the key ingredients in EHT helping to improve brain health and promote balanced brain chemistry. EHT comes from a decaffeinated coffee extract, so it only has trace amounts of caffeine (around three times less than a cup of decaf coffee).

Is There Scientific Evidence That EHT Supplement Works?

Yes. The ingredients in EHT Supplement have been researched extensively and have been shown to work through multiple mechanisms. Through research at Princeton University, UMDNJ/Rutgers and Signum Biosciences, EHT, the main ingredient in EHT Supplement, has been found to provide cognitive and motor restoration and improve overall performance.

What Does EHT Supplement Do?

EHT protects and enhances your brain with a careful blend of ingredients, including EHT. Our proprietary extract has been shown to be neuroprotective, to improve motor function and to restore balanced brain chemistry.

How Does The EHT Extract Work?

Fundamentally, the EHT extract works by helping neurons, the “wiring” in the brain, maintain an optimal functional state by protecting PP2A. Ensuring that PP2A is in a balanced state provides neuroprotection. B vitamins (B6, B12 and folic acid [B9]) delay the brain from becoming impaired. Additionally, studies have shown that boosting magnesium levels improves long- and short-term memory.

Is EHT Supplement FDA Approved?

EHT has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, because it is not a drug. EHT is a dietary supplement.

Does EHT Supplement Help With Seizures, Fibromyalgia, Vascular Dementia, ADHD, Autonomic Dysfunction, Alzheimer's Disease, Auto-Immune Disorder, Lupus, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Strokes, Autism?

EHT is not a drug. It is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. EHT Supplement has however been shown to: * Promote better cognitive function and overall brain health. * Improve memory and recall. * Fortify and strengthen natural brain functions. * Increase focus and mental alertness. * Protect and support neuronal networking. * Enhance the body’s natural energy stores. * Boost the body’s immune system.

What Ingredients Are in The EHT Supplement?

Has There Been Clinical Testing?

Neora's partner Signum Biosciences has done extensive research. Some clinical tests have been performed and more extensive clinical tests are planned for the future.

What Other Kind Of Testing Has Been Done?

Research and development testing on EHT has been performed at Signum Biosciences and at several universities. All this research has been published in peer-reviewed journals.

Are There Interactions With Other Drugs??

Testing for potential drug interactions demonstrated that EHT had a clean profile. To this point, there have been no reports of any drug interactions.

Where Are The Articles Surrounding EHT?

You are free to conduct your own research into EHT using such resources such as Wikipedia and PubMed.

Will EHT Suppress My Immune System?

EHT has not been shown to have immuno-suppressive activities.

Are There People Who Can't Take EHT?

EHT is safe and there have been no reported safety issues.

What Other Products Contain EHT Or Similar Ingredients?

No other product includes EHT. It is patented ONLY to Neora and is only available in Neora's EHT Supplement.

Is EHT Supplement Gluten Free and Vegan?

EHT Supplement is gluten free and vegan friendly. It has a plant-based gel and ingredients.

How Can I Get The Best Results From Taking EHT?

In order to gain the greatest results from EHT it should be taken once a day with a healthy, balanced diet and exercise. Healthy fats such as avocados and nuts will aid in the absorption of EHT. Two capsules can be taken if required.

How Do I Know EHT Is Working?

Based on qualitative feedback, some people may see benefits from EHT on the first day. Others may take weeks to feel any difference. Stated benefits include increased energy, improved focus and thought process, better recall and quicker post-workout recovery.

What Are The Side Effects?

No side effects have been observed to date.

How Many Capsules Come In A Box Of EHT Supplement?

Thirty capsules come in a box of EHT. The box holds 3 blister packs of 10 capsules each, for a 30-day supply of EHT.