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EHT Brain Formula Dietary Supplement helps to support memory and cognitive functions in adults while also supporting a healthy energy metabolism and immune system function. It is not a cure for any condition, and we make no medical claims. As detailed below below however, It may provide relief for symptoms.

What People Are Saying About EHT....

While it seemed at first that nothing was changing, and if anything were getting worse, I persisted with taking EHT. By the end of the first month I was beginning to sleep better, and to have more energy. My ability to focus, concentrate and think clearly also improved. My 90 year old aunt who has also been taking EHT is less forgetful, her hand-writing is more legible and she no longer needs some of the medications she had been taking.

WOW!...10 days of EHT...And I feel amazing! My energy level has skyrocketed! Had a 16 hour day yesterday...only 5 hrs sleep and I feel great! The feeling of alertness is awesome! My mind is so clear! need to try this! One month...see what you think... seriously!

I get a full nights sleep!! Awesome!! Wake up ready to go!! I also noticed an increase in my stamina while working out!! Woohoo!

I’m happy to say the first night on EHT I had no hip pain and I slept like a baby! Day 2 I feel a total sense of calmness (normally very anxious) and NO headache!

EHT, has been life changing for me. I have Lyme disease that caused many bad symptoms for me including brain fog, memory loss, lack of focus, energy etc. After using EHT for 60 days I was able to take back control of these symptoms and got my brain back. I take this supplement daily and will never go without it. – Rusty Wilson

I struggled to focus, complete tasks, sleep well and I felt in a fog. Now after two weeks of taking EHT I'm sleeping better, am able to focus complete tasks and stay focused.

Day 4 of EHT: As my days have progressed I have noticed the quality sleep I am getting. I wake up feeling refreshed and energized to conquer the day. My energy levels are a constant with my focus clearer than ever. Reading last night before bed, I realized I read close to ten pages without getting distracted. This is huge for me as I could barely get through a page without being distracted. When I say I have ADHD, it’s extreme ADHD and distractions are a constant in my life. Looking forward to the further progression and hearing other success stories with this all natural product!

I usually wake up feeling a little tired (I have 5 kiddos who keep me running 24/7). I’m on day three with EHT and today noticed I woke up with much more energy than normal, not groggy, and not tired, just ready for the day, I love this stuff!

I’ve tried a variety of brain health products. When I discovered EHT, everything changed for me.

On my fourth day. I slept a complete 4 HOURS WITHOUT waking up!! Haven’t done that in about 9-10 years now. I’m usually up every 45 minutes to 1 hour. Longest I’ve gone before was 2 hours.

After 3 days I am definitely sleeping better, energy seems increasing AND I actually have remembered the names of the 3 people I met earlier today. This is a big deal! I am all for EHT!!

This is my 4th day using EHT. The things I’ve noticed that have made a positive impact on my life are better sleep, mood lifted, less anxiety, and more energy. I’m all in with EHT!

My name is Mike and I am 26. I have played football since I was a kid... “10 years all together”. When I was playing the equipment was not very good and I suffered 9 concussions that I can remember. I couldn’t remember my kids birthdays at times let alone find my car keys in the morning before work. I have now been on EHT for 3 days and I can’t believe the energy and clarity that I have been having I am remembering passwords for work that before I had wrote down on 7 different sticky notes around my work station thank you so much Neora I feel like I am getting my life back. – Michael Hoff

My chronic pain condition has improved so much!! I haven’t have a Flare Up since then. For me is major, since every little task was a struggle. And doing something major like vacuuming or mopping my floors, working in my yard, carrying heavy grocery bags, etc. will have put me on bed or couch for a couple of days in lots of pain! Last 2 weeks I went on vacation to an amusement park, rode most of the rides, walked all day, then my family came over to visit and we were out most days all day shopping and walking. My Chiropractor and Acupuncturist are amazed how this little supplement has helped me so much!!

My ADHD has always kept me from having solid and focused conversations, I am noticing my ability to focus easier. While also being able to sit down and have a good quality conversation.

I have a long history of head injuries from playing contact sports, involvement in motor vehicle accidents and a serious assault. I had to change jobs because I couldn't focus properly, or remember all the things I need to do. Within four days of taking EHT I was able to hold a cup of coffee without spilling it, and to remember where I put things.

My entire family takes it, including my 12 yr old son who suffers from focus and attention issues. His behavioral changes are so encouraging that it brought me to tears. It's completely changed our family home life. We ran out and didn't have any for almost two weeks. I immediately could notice his prior behaviour issues and inability to multitask come back... we are back on it now! Phew!

I am on day 9 and has definitely improved my sleeping, thank you! Been years since I have had a solid sleep! – Candis Gordon

Our young daughter struggled with school, transitioning tasks and focus. After 3 weeks of taking EHT she has shown wonderful focus and behaviour improvements. Our neighbour Kim has a 4 year old son who couldn’t speak or make eye contact and after 10 days of EHT said his first words in 2 1/2 years.

My 14 year old son struggled to sleep, read and focus in school. After one week of taking EHT he is sleeping through the night for the first time in his life, reading very well and more confident, talkative and outgoing,

I woke up at 6.30am Friday morning fine. I took the second pill at 7:15am; drove to work, parked my SUV at 8:00 and walked a block to my office. As I was walking, I noticed a difference in my brain-for real! Normally at that time of day, I’m sleep walking because my body knows the routine. But this morning and most of the day, I felt clarity or like alert. My vision was clearer and brighter (I wear multi-focal lens). I’m smiling all day because I’m happy that something is going on in my brain! LOL!

I have not slept well for years, a typical night for me is sleep 3 hrs, wake up toss and turn and maybe get 2-3 more off and on but not always lucky enough to get any after first 3, until last few nights, last nite slept 8 hrs solid!!

I’m on day 2 of EHT and I would like to report that I feel like I just got prescribed a new pair of glasses. Everything seems more colorful and defined!

Day #3 of EHT. This product is beyond AMAZING!! My focus and clarity is more like a Eagle. Less than 5 years ago I was starting my new career as a Insurance agent and couldn’t pass the GA licensing Exam. I can now understand what I am reading and not just reading words. EHT will help many people who suffer from similar challenges.

Day 1 good energy & focus. Day 2 great sleep, energy all day & alertness with lots accomplished! Day 3 is today and I’ve done more in my day since 5:30am than I have in weeks!

Best sleep in years! Calmer. Peaceful. Only my fourth day but I do feel more focused.

I just want to post about the changes I see in my own issues. I have suffered for years with ‘thyroid brain fog’, complete lack of energy and have never in my life been a morning person. I have had a long time rule about not expecting me to converse until I have been awake for an hour and had 2 large mugs of coffee. I have also been a lifelong insomniac as far back as I can remember, even into childhood and I will be 59 in a few weeks. For the first time ever, I am able to sleep soundly. So soundly, that when my husband fell out of bed last night, it did not wake me up. (I took the bed frame apart preparing to move and he apparently used the side rails to lean on in his sleep). I now wake up on my own and am awake, rested and energized and I have not snapped anyone’s head off in days!! I have energy all day and can think clearly. I am amazed at how much I am able to accomplish physically and still not be exhausted at the end of the day. Prior to starting EHT, I could not wash a sink of dishes without taking a sit down break in the middle. I have changed nothing about the way I eat or what medications or supplements I take, other than adding EHT in the morning.

I have used this product since May and I am calmer, more focused and I don't get the mid afternoon crashes while at work. – Kay Sanders

After taking EHT I felt more alert and aware. I was able to stay more in tune with my work and perform my tasks at a higher level of awareness.

I have used this product since May and I am calmer, more focused and I don't get the mid afternoon crashes while at work.

EHT® makes no medical claims, and is not a cure for any diagnosed condition. It may however provide relief for symptoms. Please seek medical advice if unsure if this product is suitable to be taken.