Finding Your Perfect Job

2020 has been a difficult year. With so many job losses across so many industries and sectors, it reminds us of the importance of always keeping your resume current and ready to use. An alert and proactive jobseeker can be well positioned to take advantage of unexpected job opportunities that are all around us when we know where to look. Uncertain local and international market conditions continue to put pressure on large and small businesses alike, with the potential to impact on job security across the board. 

I was speaking with a long term client during the week, and was really pleased to hear that she is finally working in a job that is the perfect fit for the combination of her experience, qualifications, and interests. She could have applied for positions in one of two distinct fields, but is now over the moon to find herself employed in a role that incorporates both.

It has taken awhile to get to this point. While her applications usually progressed through to the interview stage, her nerves often got the better of her, she didn’t communicate what she needed to, and the job was offered to someone else. The fear she experienced before going to an interview at times verged on overwhelming.

The last two jobs she has applied for have had no job interview as such. Yes she met with the person who would be her new employer to discuss the role and what her responsibilities would be, but here was no formal “interview”, which meant she was more relaxed, and she performed better because of this.

What was different about these applications? What did she do differently? In both cases, the job opportunity was a result of people around her knowing what type of job she was looking for, and then letting her know about any suitable opportunities they heard of. She then made contact, initiated a conversation and provided a resume, which outlined not only where she had worked previously, but also showcased her skills, and the value she would bring to the organisation. The rest is history!   

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