How To Help Someone Who Has Lost Their Job

Losing your job is always a shock. Even if you know it is coming, when you actually receive the news, you finally have to face the reality of an uncertain future. It is almost always a stressful time, and never easy,

One of the reasons losing a job affects us so much is because for many, their value and worth is closely linked with what they do, and as a society, by and large we define ourselves by our occupation. How often have you asked someone you have just met what they do? We all do it! We make assumptions, judgements and draw conclusions about people based on their answers to this question. Assumptions and conclusions about their level of education, work ethic, ambition, people skills, social connections, and financial situation.

For a person who is out of work in a society that is overly focused on job or career status, it can be embarrassing to have to say that they are between jobs, or “used to work at” ABC company. It doesn’t sound quite the same as “I’m a teacher, an accountant, a forklift driver or whatever it is that you do”. While people are I believe genuinely sympathetic to someone who is unable to find work, that sympathy is of little value unless it stirs us to action.

If you know someone who is struggling to get work, it is possible for you to be part of seeing things turn around for them. In most cases, their biggest problem is self-confidence, so firstly make sure they get a good resume (this always does wonders for your confidence), then find out what kind of work they are looking for, and keep your ear to the ground – you might see a job advertised that would suit them, or maybe you might even know someone who could hire them.

Being surrounded by encouraging and supportive people who believe in us during times of doubt and uncertainty makes it so much easier to find a way through to a place that is equally as good as, or even better than where we started out.

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