I Only Need a Simple Resume

I’ve had a number of enquiries in recent weeks from people who have told me they want a simple resume. Politely I have asked why, and have been given a range of different answers. Some thought a simple resume would be cheaper, while another was only applying for part time work. It was obvious to me that each had little understanding of the importance of their resume, and the difference it can make to the success of a job application.

Your Resume Is You To A Potential Employer

Any potential employer wants to know if you have the right mix of skills, attitudes and experience to do a specific job in their organisation. In a competitive job market, employers can receive dozens, if not hundreds of applications for one position. Remembering that your resume is YOU to a potential employer, do you think a “simple resume” will seriously make the cut? It will be competing with resumes that have been prepared by jobseekers who know what a difference a good resume can make….

The Requirements Are the Same for Full Time or Part Time Work

At the end of the day, any employer is looking for the best person for the job. This applies whether that position will be on a full-time, part-time, permanent or casual basis. You are you, and your resume is your resume, regardless of the type of job you are applying for. A part time position is determined by the number of hours the employee is needed, often but not always, a financial decision. Employing a part-time employee has nothing to do with the type and level of skills required to do that job. Taking shortcuts with your resume for a part-time role iseffectively dismissing yourself as a serious contender for the position.

A Simple Resume Just Won’t Do The Job

You need to have a resume that provides the potential employer with all the INFORMATION they need. This allows them to make an informed decision about your suitability. They are looking for details of your existing skills, your past experience and your ability to adapt to working in different situations. The structure of the job really doesn’t come into their decision making process. Realistically, a simple resume just won’t do the job.

Over coming weeks I will be looking at 6 rules for success. Watch this space.