Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Every four years we get excited about the Olympic Games. Coverage of the games dominates the media. Sport junkies amongst us tune in to watch athletes from all over the world compete at the highest level in their chosen sport . We watch the agony and the ecstasy of success and defeat. Raw emotions on display for the world to see. There is joy, gratitude and relief, as well as shock, disbelief and despair. All competing athletes have literally been preparing to compete at these games for years. They have been preparing themselves both physically and mentally, but there can only be one winner on the day.

Those who finish in anything other than first place, must decide what they do once the race is over and the emotion has passed. What will their response be? Will they change their training programme to improve their performance for next time, or will they stick with what they know? There was much talk about what factors contributed to Australia’s unexpectedly low medal tally in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Whenever our team performs below expectations, questions are asked of the team managers and coaches. If nothing don’t changes, similar results can be expected next time, because nothing changes if nothing changes..

Applying for a job is a bit like competing in the Olympics. Being offered a job you really want could be compared to winning the coveted gold medal. Athletes who receive a silver and bronze medal or are unplaced in their event must decide whether or not to make changes to improve their future performance. An unsuccessful jobseeker can also decide to make changes to their future job applications or job hunting strategies, to get better results.

Athletes will tap into the expertise of another coach or mentor. They look for new strategies and techniques that will streamline and improve their performance. Jobseekers who are struggling to find work often need to look at how they present themselves. A new “coach” may can help you here. A fresh set of experienced eyes will draw attention to anything that you didn’t know, or have overlooked. If what you’ve been doing isn’t getting the results you want, then maybe it’s time to try doing things differently. Making even the smallest changes can change to the outcome.

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