Nothing In Life Should Ever Be Wasted

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by your circumstances, and finding everything is too hard? Have you ever been tempted to make a hasty retreat when the challenges you face seem too much to deal with, back to a place where you feel secure, comfortable and safe? Just like the process of coming out of its cocoon builds strength and endurance in the butterfly, the fact is we actually learn the most about ourselves and others as we struggle to overcome the challenges life brings our way.

A diamond is recognised as the most precious gemstone, and it’s also the hardest. Yet its beauty and sparkle is formed, from the process of being exposed to the highest levels of heat and physical pressure. Without that heat and pressure it is no more than a piece of coal – very common, untested, and nothing out of the ordinary.

Being out of work certainly adds pressure in our life, but how we deal with that pressure not only says a lot about who we are, but has the capacity to make us into a better person. While most of us given the choice will run a mile when we have to face some heat or pressure in our lives, it really isn’t in our best interests to do so. It is in these times that we can learn empathy and compassion, and how to reach out to others for help. To make it through when times are tough we need love and support from people who want the best for us. They may be family, friends or business associates.

We are designed to live and operate in community… each looking out for the other, providing encouragement and support through difficult times. Maybe you have struggled in the past to find a job, and you know how it can affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem. Or maybe you’re struggling to find a job right now. Either way can I encourage you to reach out to someone to offer help, or allow others to help you.  Nothing we go through in life should ever be wasted….

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