The Good The Bad and The Ugly

I’ve seen lots of resumes over the years. Generally I can describe them as either good, bad or ugly…. I work with people from all walks of life, working in public and private sector jobs at all levels, from senior executive to entry level positions. They come to us for help for various reasons. After reading some of the resumes people send me, I am not surprised that they aren’t producing the desired results. So what is the true value of your resume? What difference does it seriously make?  

The Good: My recommendation to anyone is to organise their resume well before they need it.  Seeking advice and support, and then taking as long as you need to research, and put together a high quality document that will not only truly showcase your skills and experience, but also help you to understand yourself better, know what your strengths and weaknesses are, and clearly articulate what you have to offer a potential employer will inevitably pay dividends. Your resume becomes YOU – your confidence and self-belief will be apparent both on the page, and during any interaction with those responsible for making decisions about your suitability to fill a specific role.

The Bad: Have you ever wanted to apply for a job that closed within 24 – 48 hours? Talk about pressure, particularly if you are applying for a government job with selection criteria! Maybe you were able to get an application together, and maybe you weren’t. Even if you did get something together quickly it was probably not your best application. Yes you were technically in the race to be considered for the job, but realistically you were never likely to be taken seriously. Somewhat akin to turning up to meet a VIP dressed in thongs, grubby shorts and a torn t-shirt…..

The Ugly: These are generally the ones that have relied on advice from people who are well-meaning but inexperienced. Quite predictably these jobseekers are frustrated because of their lack of results.   

What category do you think your resume currently falls into, and is there something you need to do sooner rather than later to improve your future prospects?

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