The Hidden Benefits of Job Satisfaction

We have previously explored what drives people to change jobs, and have identified that one of the main reasons is lack of job satisfaction. With recent research claiming that up to 1 in 5 people work in jobs that they are poorly suited to, it is understandable why people change jobs as often as they do. Unlike previous generations, staying with one employer for an entire career is virtually unheard of. Having the ability to do a job doesn’t automatically mean it will bring you fulfillment when you have to do it day after day. So if job satisfaction is one of the key reasons we stay in a job, why is it that working in a job we love helps us to thrive, both personally and professionally?

Making a contribution to something bigger, even if only in a small way inevitably brings a higher level of satisfaction because together we can achieve more than what is possible as an individual. Even where an achievement appears to be an individual effort, if you look closely into what goes on behind the scenes, individual glory is almost always the result of a team effort, where each team member brings their own strengths and expertise to support the one who publicly receives the accolades. How often do we hear the gold medallist or the academy award winner thank their family, coaches and/or colleagues for the contribution they have made to seeing the achievement come to pass?

The same applies to the workplace… while any accolades may not be quite so public, as we make the choice to engage with the project, purpose and people around us, it may well be that we find we are capable of so much more than we had ever imagined, because of the energy and expectation that surrounds us.  Just like there are people you know who bring out the best in you, and others who bring out the worst, a work environment can also bring out the best or the worst, in the sense that it can create opportunities for you to either grow or stagnate… which would you rather?   

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