Why You Always Need A Current Resume

After some recent conversations with clients, I’ve been reminded of why you should keep your resume current. Here are some thoughts to consider…

First conversation was with someone who did have a resume. While they’d decided they did need to find another job, all they had done to date was tell their family and friends what sort of work they were looking for. During a casual conversation with a sales assistant while out shopping one afternoon, our jobseeker learned the store was looking for another sales assistant.

The job was a good fit, and she wanted to show that she was keen. She rang us to update her resume, and then hand delivered it to the manager first thing the next morning. By lunch time of the following day she had been asked to work a trial shift. Within the week she given notice to her old employer.

Next conversation was with someone who was happy with their current job and not even looking to change jobs. They were building a foundation for a future career, had a good relationship with their boss and the hours were great.

While waiting in an office to meet with someone about a totally unrelated matter on their day off, our jobseeker, struck up a conversation with the receptionist. It was purely small talk, yet they discovered there was an opening for a position that was seriously worth considering. This opportunity was potentially too good to refuse.

They rang us to organise a quick update and cover letter, and were able to drop copies back to the Office Manager before the close of business. Discussions are still continuing, but an opportunity was created for our jobseeker regardless, because they could provide a current resume at a moment’s notice.  

Final conversation was with someone who was looking for work, but hadn’t yet organised their resume. Through a friend they learned that a local business was looking for someone with their skills. They wanted to apply for the position. By the time they organised for their resume to be prepared, the position had unfortunately been given to someone else…

Each of these jobseekers had a window of opportunity. Two of them were able to take advantage of that opportunity, and one missed it. Timing really is everything! How ready would you be if opportunity unexpectedly came knocking on your door? Contact us if you need help with your resume….